Finished project: Black and Orange Lace Watson Bra

Dun dun duhhh!!!
Dun dun duhhh!!!

Y’all, it’s happened. This is one of those projects that seemed like a dream, far-off and unattainable, beyond the reach of my nervous little fingers. But behold!

Black Orange Lace Watson Bra

I have actually made a bra!! And by the time this post goes live, there will likely be more in the works!! So excited!! More exclamation points!!!

Black Orange Lace Watson Bra

Seriously, it feels like the most of the internet sewing community have not only tackled the task of bra and lingerie making in the last few years, but perfected it. And as is my custom with being perfectly on trend, current, and hip (insert laughter here) I have finally summoned up the courage decided to give bra-making a go.

I chose the Watson Bra to start off with for several reasons: First, there are soooo many pretty and inspiring versions around the internet. A quick Google search will pull up hundreds of images. Second, it’s designed for beginner bra makers who want to be up to the task but need somewhere simple to start. Cloth Habit, the blog/designer behind the pattern, has an amazingly helpful step-by-step tutorial here. Third, there are no underwires so it’s relatively quick and painless to sew.

Black Orange Lace Watson Bra

Black Orange Lace Watson Bra

The test version I made was definitely too big. I followed the sizing chart included in the pattern, but that’s why we make a test version, amirite? The band was too loose and the cups were too big, so that the bra basically rode up to my chin throughout the course of the day. So for the second (and fingers-crossed wearable) version, I went down two sizes and was extremely careful in sewing my seam allowances. And it turned out beautifully! The fit is comfortable yet secure, and I absolutely adore the fabric. There are a number of Etsy shops that sell “bra kits” – all the findings and fabric you need to make a bra. I bought this kit from TailorMadeShoppe, since I absolutely was not about to go finding all these…..ahem……findings myself. Not for the first real bra, people. No way.

Black Orange Lace Watson Bra

Black Orange Lace Watson Bra

Bonus points because I know that this bra was ethically made (I promise I gave myself lots of breaks whilst making it, and plenty of encouragement in the form of tea and dark chocolate) and fits me perfectly. It’s difficult to find ethically sourced fabric, especially bra and lingerie materials, but I figure at least making it myself is better than buying one that was questionably made.

Overall, I’m so happy with how this turned out and cannot wait to start on the next one. Hope you all have a great week, friends!



5 thoughts on “Finished project: Black and Orange Lace Watson Bra

  1. It is absolutely beautiful! Making a bra is on my bucket list, but I don’t think I will be ready for another year or so!
    I can’t believe this is your second bra, it looks perfect, and so incredibly professional!


    1. Thank you so much! I was pretty nervous about the whole process, but overall, I’m pleased with it 🙂 I am confident that yours (whenever you make one) will be beautiful too.


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